Those who aren’t animal lovers will not understand this. In fact, you have to be a dog lover to comprehend. More specifically, you have to get experience with big and smallish dogs to comprehend.

Most of my puppies have been out of 100 to 30 pounds. While big dogs are not always gentle and calm, they typically are. Humans couldn’t work with big dogs who have been high strung, yippy and competitive. Somebody would get hurt.

Speaking of large strung, yippy and competitive, should a teacup Chihuahua snarls and growls, it is funny, isn’t it? Those needly teeth beyond the gumline, only can’t be taken seriously if they are less than a quarter of a inch long and resting in a yummy, pink mouth. Knowing Chihuahuas, it might even be wearing clothes.

It’s easy to understand why little dogs can be so rude.

Dogs come from wolves. At least that is what the dog food commercial on television states. A male wolf can weigh from 66 to 180 pounds. All that dogginess in a wolf gets, with time, been swallowed down into some 6-pound (max) bundle in a Chihuahua. It’s a lot for a little man to tolerate. It’s only natural that the stress will cause him snappy and curmudgeonly, even a little angry.

I’ve had big dogs I’ve loved like infants — an Irish setter, greyhound and Norweign elkhound specifically. All were sweet and gentle.

But I confess I really like the spunk and passion of a small dog. Regardless of being diminutive, they are not scared to challenge a stranger, so to snap their mother or to ruin items in the house.

I’ll never forget my buddy’s Dandie Dinmont terrier sinking her fangs in my right forefinger, then changing her eyes for her mother across the area, hoping for compliments, or at least approval.

Or that barbarous little black Chihuahua of my Aunt Mabel’s who would never let anybody get close to her, except Aunt Mabel.

Or coming home from church with my parents a Sunday to watch through the image that their Boston terrier digging with all her might at the carpeting, fibers flying round her such as snow.

Why are little dogs so hard, or, hard? How do we stop them?

Little dogs think that they have something to prove. They are big dogs in smallish bundles. They know that, but they are not sure everybody else does.

How do we stop them?   We can’t. We only need to sit back and revel in this show.

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