Most flights are on schedule. However, there are times when they are delayed due to various causes such as bad weather conditions and last-minute technical problems. If your journey has more than one leg, your risk missing your connection. The big question is whether you can get flight delay compensation and how to do it.

There’s no straight answer to this question. To start with, you should make sure your layover is long enough to allow you to catch the next flight. Next, you should purchase your flights from websites like, which grant you the connection. They claim to put you on another flight, should you miss yours due to unexpected delays. Nonetheless, you should be very careful when choosing this option, because not all people who miss their flights qualify for being offered another option. If the company you’ve bought your tickets from considers you had enough time between the two flights, they won’t take your request into consideration.

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As for airline companies, you should know that they offer flight delay compensations only if it’s the airline’s fault. As storms and strikes can’t be considered the airline’s fault, you won’t get any compensation in such situations. This leads to the point that airlines are only required to compensate you if you were denied the access to an oversold flight. This means you can’t really count on airlines to help you get your money back, even if they cancel their flights. Nonetheless, many of them will offer you some money, the amount depending on the flight distance and on the duration of the delay. In Europe, for instance, if you have a delay between three and four hours on a flight distance that’s lower than 1,500 km, you’ll receive 250 Euro as compensation. You can find such tables online, should you want to know what kind of money you may receive in case you don’t make it on time to your destination airport.

Anyway, in order to get your money, you have to claim it. Once you register your claim with the airline, you should expect to get compensated in about three to four weeks from the registration date. Nonetheless, there are airlines that pay their clients much faster. If you need to know such details, you should contact with representative, as they are the most qualified persons that can solve this claimed problem.

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As you can see, you won’t always be compensated for a flight delay, so you should be very careful when you book your flights, particularly the ones that consist of multiple legs. Always make sure you have at least two hours between flights. In case of very busy airports, you may need even more than that. It’s better to wait a little longer in an airport than to miss your connection. This may not seem fair, but that’s how things are, so we should be flexible and ready to adjust to such situations if we want to avoid frustration and overnight stay costs.