Some folks might love soccer on Thursday nights, however Tampa Bay Buccaneers security T.J. Ward isn’t among them.

“I despise Thursday night games,” ‘ Greg Auman. “They talk about how they would like to keep us healthy, and also each of these principles to protect the quarterback and safeguard the receivers, but overall, this is most likely the worst thing for a 53-player roster which you can have. In terms of keeping everybody on the field secure, this is most likely the worst thing you can perform, making us play back-to-back to a Thursday night after a Sunday game.”

Thursday night games were scheduled regularly as of the 2012 season. All 32 teams will play at least one time nights, to allow it to be fair.

However, Ward states that does little to disquiet the players’ distaste for the games.

“All players think that way,” Ward stated. “I bet you there is not one participant in this whole NFL, or coach, that wishes to play Thursday. Not one. For the team to do that, they truly don’t care about their health.”

For Ward, the short weeks are taxing.

“I do not even feel right till Thursday or Friday, I’m beginning to feel ordinary,” he explained. “You are telling me you’re taking away in my ability to recuperate and be healthy for a standard week and you’re carrying three days off from it. It comes quicker than the routine Sunday, and you do not have to prepare. So it is a double disadvantage. Triple negative since it is not doing that. I figure it’s picked up, but until it was doing horrendous. You are making extra cash for a league for that day, but it is damaging to the players’ health.”

Ward’s Bucs (2-1) sponsor the New England Patriots (2-2) on Thursday night.